Railroads across America photo pages. Current and ghost railroads, text,GPS,maps. Great for railfans and modelers.

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National Rails Project

Need photos of Railroads current and abandoned

National Rails Project for Railfans              Railroad Prototype for Modelers

View Railroads in the USA and Canada
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Our goal is to photograph all railroads, current and ghost, in the USA and Canada.

We may also try to get federal recognition for documenting all the railroads as they are today.

So many railroads, so little time.

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Half the railroads in the US are already gone. We have to document what is left and what remains of the ghosts before there is little except main lines and memories.


You can add your photos and text of any railroad in the USA and Canada and to some extent international.  All you do is enter a sign-on and password and click your photos like an attachment to an email.  That''s all there is to it, although you might check HELP for information and size for submitting photos. There are 3 information text boxes on your detail page and text for each photo on the SLIDE SHOW.
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